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Awesome StacksAwesome

Awesome Stacks

Stacks is a blockchain anchored by Bitcoin that enables apps, smart contracts, and digital assets. Stacks is a layer-1 blockchain that connects to Bitcoin and implements smart contracts and decentralized applications through the Clarity language. Through the Proof of Transfer (PoX) consensus mechanism, the state of the Stacks blockchain is anchored against the Bitcoin blockchain, thus providing the security and finality of Bitcoin to Stacks. Stacks brings the programmability of other blockchain technologies to Bitcoin, without the need to modify the core consensus mechanism of Bitcoin itself.




Stacks Web Applications

  • Stacks Explorer - An application for reviewing transactions on the Stacks blockchain.
  • - A web wallet focused on NFTs, and custom tokens.
  • Send Many - An application to send STX to many recipients in one transaction.
  • MIA Block explorer - A web application to exolore MIA coin transactions for all and personal accounts.
  • Speed Spend - A suite of working Clarity experiments on testnet (source).
  • Sigle - Decentralized writing platform.
  • Console - Decentralized community application.
  • Stacks On Chain - Chain data analysis tool.

Blockchain Name System

  • BNSx - Manage many BNS names with one account (1:n).
  • - An application for .btc names.
  • BNS search - An application to search registered BNS names.
  • BNS and Ordinals - Inscribe BNS as Ordinal.
  • - An application to create linking page for BNS names.
  • Ryder Handles - BNS namespaces for communities.


  • Alex Lab - A service platform for DeFi.
  • Lydian - A decentralised treasury management protocol.
  • Arkadiko Protocol - Stable coin (USDA) based on self-repaying loans.
  • Zest Protocol - Decentralized borrowing and lending on Bitcoin. Currently only on Testnet.


  • Stacks Degens - A car racing game with retro graphics enabled through NFTs.
  • Project Indigo - An interactive story and RPG experience.

Stacking Apps

Clarity Resources

Developer Tools

  • Clarinet - Clarity runtime packaged as a CLI, facilitates development and testing of Clarity smart contracts.
  • Clariform - Linter and formatter for Clarity.
  • Clarigen - A tool for writing TypeScript code that interacts with Clarity smart contracts.
  • - In-browser Clarity REPL.
  • ClarityGPT Prompt - Writing smart contracts with a chat bot.
  • Hiro Platform - In-browser IDE.

Example Contracts


  • uint256 - A library for converting values into 256-bits.
  • clarity-bitcoin - A library to verify Bitcoin transactions.


  • CityCoin - An implementation of PoX lite using STX transfers to mint new coins using proportional probabilities.
  • SWAPR - A Uniswap-like implementation on Stacks 2.0 and Clarity.
  • FLEXR - An interpretation of Ampleforth for Stacks.
  • ClarityDAO - A conversion of Moloch DAO in Clarity.
  • NFT Marketplace - Clarity smart contract for a marketplace of tradable assets.
  • StackStarter - Clarity smart contract for crowdfunding.
  • Lightning Swaps - Fraud-proof swaps using Lightning Network.
  • Election Voting - Basic voting for candidates using Clarity.
  • DualX - A collection of Clarity contracts that implement a DeFi ecosystem for exchanges.
  • ExecutorDAO - A Clarity framework for building DAO functionality into your smart contracts.
  • Digital Will - Conditional fund transfers.

Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Tofauti - Collection of resources around NFTs on Stacks.
  • This is #1 - The first professional NFT built on Bitcoin and the Stacks blockchain (contract).

Fungible Tokens


App Development

Frontend Libraries

  • Stacks.js - Monorepo for JavaScript libraries for interacting with the Stacks blockchain.
  • micro-stacks - Monorepo for JavaScript libraries for interacting with the Stacks blockchain.


  • @stacks/cli - Command line interface for interacting with auth, storage, and transactions.


  • CompassDB - A library for managing advanced collections in Gaia storage.
  • lens-file-source - File storage abstraction through mechanisms like caching, transactions, and JSON map aggregation for Gaia.
  • GaiaDown - Gaia storage backend for LevelUp.

Indexing and Querying APIs

  • Stacks API - Hosted API to interact directly with the blockchain to query information, broadcast transactions, and scale your projects on Stacks.
  • Quicknode - Hosted ednpoint to quickly and easily connect to Stacks using Quicknode.
  • Self-Hosted Render - One-click deploy tool to self-host a Stacks node on Render.
  • Self-Hosted Digital Ocean - Digital Ocean droplet for running a Stacks node.
  • Self-Hosted Docker - Tool to run a self-hosted Stacks node with Docker.

Learning Resources



Written Tutorials



  • Clarity Universe - A comprehensive Clarity development course, offered as both a self-paced course or as a 6-week guided cohort.



We welcome community contributions to this list. Please read the contribution guidelines before contributing.


A list of Awesome Stacks related stuff. Stacks, the blockchain using Proof of Transfer