Matrix Synapse Authentication Provider for Blockstack ID
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Matrix Synapse Authentication Provider for Blockstack IDs


Use pip install matrix_blockstack_password_provider to install the package in your synapse environment


In homeserver.yaml edit the password_provider section:

    - module: "matrix_blockstack_password_provider.BlockstackPasswordProvider"
        enabled: true
        endpoint: ""

The endpoint is optional and defaults to

Known Homeservers for Blockstack users

Client support

  • Currently only OI Chat supports this type of authentication.
  • Client apps need to write a file mxid.json into the root of their gaia bucket. The content is the challenge received from a home server auth endpoint. Then for authentication, the client needs to send the id address as username and as password a client app generated nonce that was used when requesting the challenge together with the app domain in the format nonce + "|" + appDomain + "|" + blockstackId . Users can do this manually on a account management site.