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WiFi enabled desk lamp

awesome gif incoming

1. Overview

Over the last year I spent some time with the 3$ WiFi Module called ESP8266. One of them is my WiFi enabled retro desktop lamp.

2. Hardware compoments

Item Specification Price
ESP8266 I used the simple ESP-01 version with two GPIO pins. 3€
Cheap USB Charger To get 5V for the Relay Board and the ESP I used a fairly cheap USB Charger 5€
Relay Board To control the bulb itself I used an inexpensive 5 Relay Board from eBay. 2€
Small parts NPN transistor, breadboard, some resistors and one LD1117 3.3V Voltage Regulator. 3€

3. Programming the ESP8266

I flashed the ESP8266 with the NodeMCU firmware in order to create small .lua scripts for the device. After connecting to the local network the ESP8266 is starting a small HTTP server with the following routes:

  • / renders a small, responsive webpage with two buttons

  • /TURNOFF switches the relay and redirect to /
  • /TURNON switches the relay and redirect to /
  • /TOGGLE toggles current state and redirect to /

4. iOS App

Cause the webpage often loads to slow on my old iPhone 4s I built a really simple iOS App for controlling the ESP8266:

5. Images