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(ns async-ui.ex-master-detail
(:require [clojure.core.async :refer [go <! >!] :as async]
[examine.core :as e]
[examine.constraints :as c]
[async-ui.forml :refer :all]
[async-ui.core :as v]
[ :as javafx]
[ :as swing]))
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; TODOs
;; - Replace tk/bind-vc-tree with tk/setters and tk/bind-events!
;; - Replace tk/build-vc-tree with tk/build
;; - Consider if build should do a diff+merge
;; - view setter-fns should contain property-path -> setter as well as data-path -> setter
;; - Instead of tk/set-vc-error use a setter-fn for a :message
;; - Demonstrate testing support with event recording and play-back
;; - Improve interactive development
;; - Properly display validation messages
;; - Introduce modality between windows
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; In the REPL:
;; Compile this namespace.
;; Run this snippet to start master with JavaFX
#_ (do (ns async-ui.ex-master-detail) (start!))
;; To just start the toolkit process with JavaFX
(ns async-ui.ex-master-detail)
(def javafx-tk (javafx/make-toolkit))
(v/run-tk javafx-tk))
;; Start only process for master view
#_(v/run-view #'item-manager-view
{:item ""
:items ["Foo" "Bar" "Baz"]})
;; We could start the process for the details view directly
#_(v/run-view #'item-editor-view
{:text "Foo"})
;; Terminate Toolkit process
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; A Detail View
(defn item-editor-view
(-> (v/make-view "item-editor"
(window "Item Editor"
(panel "Content" :lygeneral "wrap 2, fill" :lycolumns "[|100,grow]"
[(label "Text") (textfield "text" :lyhint "growx")
(panel "Actions" :lygeneral "ins 0" :lyhint "span, right"
[(button "OK") (button "Cancel")])])))
(assoc :mapping (v/make-mapping :text ["text" :text])
:validation-rule-set (e/rule-set :text (c/min-length 1))
:data data)))
(defn item-editor-handler
[view event]
(go (case ((juxt :source :type) event)
["OK" :action]
(assoc view :terminated true)
["Cancel" :action]
(assoc view
:terminated true
:cancelled true)
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; A Master View
(defn item-manager-view
(let [spec
(window "Item Manager"
(panel "Content" :lygeneral "wrap 2, fill" :lycolumns "[|100,grow]" :lyrows "[|200,grow|]"
[(label "Item") (textfield "item" :lyhint "growx")
(listbox "items" :lyhint "span, grow")
(panel "Actions" :lygeneral "ins 0" :lyhint "span, right"
[(button "Add Item")
(button "Edit Item")
(button "Remove Item")
(button "Run Action")])]))]
(-> (v/make-view "item-manager" spec)
(assoc :mapping (v/make-mapping :item ["item" :text]
:items ["items" :items]
:selection ["items" :selection])
:data data))))
(defn replace-at
[xs n ys]
(vec (concat (take n xs)
(drop (inc n) xs))))
(defn item-manager-handler
[view event]
(go (assoc view
(let [data (:data view)]
(case ((juxt :source :type) event)
["Calc" :finished]
(update-in data [:items] conj "Calc finished!")
["Run Action" :action]
(do (future
(Thread/sleep 2000)
(async/>!! (:events view) {:source "Calc" :type :finished}))
["Add Item" :action]
(-> data
(update-in [:items] conj (:item data))
(assoc :item ""))
["Edit Item" :action]
(let [index (or (first (:selection data)) -1)
items (:items data)]
(if (and (not= index -1) (< index (count items)))
(let [editor-view (<! (v/run-view #'item-editor-view
{:text (nth items index)}))]
(if-not (:cancelled editor-view)
(assoc data
:items (replace-at items index [(-> editor-view :data :text)]))
["Remove Item" :action]
(assoc data
:items (let [items (:items data)
index (or (first (:selection data)) -1)]
(if (and (not= index -1) (< index (count items)))
(replace-at items index [])
; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
;; Startup
(defn start!
(v/run-tk (javafx/make-toolkit))
(v/run-view #'item-manager-view
{:item ""
:items (vec (take 100 (repeatedly #(rand-nth ["Foo" "Bar" "Baz"]))))}))