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<div id="remote-friends-in-common" class="bigwidget">
<div id="rfic-desc">$desc &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;{{ if $linkmore }}<a href="$base/common/rem/$uid/$cid">$more</a>{{ endif }}</div>
{{ if $items }}
{{ for $items as $item }}
<div class="profile-match-wrapper">
<div class="profile-match-photo">
<a href="$item.url">
<img src="$" width="80" height="80" alt="$" title="$" />
<div class="profile-match-break"></div>
<div class="profile-match-name">
<a href="$itemurl" title="$">$</a>
<div class="profile-match-end"></div>
{{ endfor }}
{{ endif }}
<div id="rfic-end" class="clear"></div>
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