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the Red Matrix

The RedMatrix (aka "red") is an open source webapp platform providing a complete decentralised publishing, sharing, and communications system. It combines communications (private messaging, chat and social networking), and media management (photos, events, files, web pages, app distribution) with enough features to make your head spin.

What makes the RedMatrix unique is what we call "magic authentication" - which is based on our groundbreaking work in decentralised identity services. This ties all RedMatrix sites and channels together into a single super-network where the boundaries between different websites are blurred or seemingly non-existent; where "who you are" has nothing to do with "what computer you're connected to", and where website content can adapt itself according to who is viewing it.

Warning: After experiencing magic authentication and nomadic identity, you may find it disconcerting and a bit "primitive" to go back to the old internet. You shouldn't need hundreds of different passwords to use the web ... or be totally isolated from your friends and family because a server or router in another country is having "issues".

For the average person, the biggest advantage of decentralised identity is that you decide who you want to share your stuff with, and if somebody isn't on your list, they're not going to see it. It's all under your control (we're big on privacy). Use the RedMatrix as a social network or a business website or for personal cloud storage or media publishing - or any number of other uses; limited only by your imagination.

The Red Matrix is free and open source distributed under the MIT license.

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