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Decensoring addon for Better Better Booru.
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/!\ Warning /!\

This repository here is currently looking for someone kind enough to donate a gold or higher priviliged account API key to extract data for this userscript. You may contact me using the email for further details.
Without the right API key the batches currently in the repo will stay as they are now, without being updated.


Addon userscript for Better Better Booru to decensor Danbooru.
You have to install BBB v8.0 or newer. After installing that version make sure your settings looks like the following example:



How to install: streamable
The very first time you open a tab of Danbooru, you will have to click the button in the top right hand corner, after which a popup will appear in a separate window (you might need to enable popups for this) which will begin the initial setup of the local database. Every other new stored post will trigger update mechanics in the main browser window's Danbooru tabs, i.e. the changes happen live.
There are limitations of this initial setup procedure:

  • Because I use localForage as a storage backend, it is possible that it will fall back to using localStorage if IndexedDB nor WebSQL is supported in your browser, which might cause your browser to slow down or become unresponsive. There is nothing I can do about this, so I just ask you to not panic.
    Chrome-based browser users please be aware that IndexedDB currently performs very slowly compared to Firefox. The issue is being worked on by Google.
  • One of the consquence of the above mentioned is that those kinds of storage do not work cross protocol! That means that storage between http and https cannot be shared, they both have their own storages. This userscript will make sure that you are automatically redirected to the https version of Danbooru, so I recommend that you import your BBB settings to the https version before installing this addon.
  • The popup is opened via which might issue a popup warning if you have it enabled. You might have to disable the popup blocker and instead I recommend a mature blocking solution for malicious content on the web, such as:
  • Maybe more, I don't know yet. I am doing something of this nature for the first time, so if you find something, please head over to the issues page and tell me your problem. If you wish to stay anonymous, you are also free to email me using this email:
    I take anonymity seriously, so do not fret and report any issues.

The initial setup will happen only once. Further updates will display their progress in the top right corner, which should not be intrusive at all. These updates will check back to this repo every 8 hours and scan the batches folder for new batches of posts.

After the initial setup is done, the userscript will do its best to stay out of your way. Those pesky Hidden thumbnails will be revealed and their post pages will display the picture you clicked on.



Install Greasemonkey

Ports of Greasemonkey are available for SeaMonkey and Pale Moon


Install Violentmonkey (Opera store / Chrome store) or Tampermonkey


Install JS Blocker or Tampermonkey

MS Edge

Install Tampermonkey

If you are not sure about what version of ECMAScript your browser supports, just install the first option in the table.
Alternatively, you can check compatibility here. If you are 15/15 on that page using your current browser, use the second one in the table.

Script version Link
Older browsers (with ECMAScript2015 support) Install
Newer browsers (with ECMAScript2017 support) Install

How to build the ES6 version yourself

You will require node and npm to be installed for the building process.

git clone
cd decensooru
npm install --save-dev babel-cli babel-plugin-transform-async-to-generator
babel --plugins transform-async-to-generator decensooru.user.js -o decensooru_es6.user.js



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