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Friendly Fire

Playing the Game

Just head over to and pick the launch options that best fits your style.

Achieving all possible endings

There are multiple endings. Listed below you can find all endings and how to achieve them.

Ending A

This is the regular jam ending. Play the game regularly and feed the wood to the fire who gave you the quest. This leads to a final boss fight.

Ending B

Alternate ending. Play the game regularly but also finish the dog quest before feeding the wood to the fire. The final boss fight is skipped and replaced with a special cutscene.

Ending C

This is a gag ending. This can be achieved by soft locking yourself in the cave under the flame boy npc and talking to the cave man. To get over the river without the double jump, you have to use the "stone skip jump" technique/bug.

Ending D

This is a gag ending. As soon as you can fly, go to the tree in the west and talk to the dog. You'll have the option to pet the dog. If you let the petting sequence run it's course, the game will end.

Ending E

Alternate ending. Play the game regularly, you can also skip the dog side quest since this has no impact on this ending. Instead of feeding the wood to the main fire, feed it to the flame boy. This will trigger the ending.


Getting started

  • Install Node.js

  • Install Visual Studio Code

  • Clone the source code:

    git clone
  • Initially run npm i in the project folder to install/update dependencies.

Building the game

Just run npm install on the CLI to create a distribution of the game suitable to be launched in a browser. Once all dependencies have been installed, you can use npm run-script dist to toggle a full re-build.

If you want to continuously watch for changes in the game's sources and trigger a re-build whenever something gets updated just call npm run-script watch.

Running the game in a browser

There are four alternatives to run the game in the browser:

  • In Visual Studio Code press Ctrl-Shift-D and launch the webpack-dev-server and one of the available browsers that can be selected by clicking on the drop down menu next to the "launch" button.
  • Run npm start and point your browser to http://localhost:8000/. The browser automatically reloads the game when changes are detected (You still need to run the compiler in watch mode in VS Code or on the CLI to receive code changes).
  • If you already have a local web server you can simply open the index.html file in the project folder in your browser. This only works with a http(s) URL, not with a file URL.
  • Run npm run dist to package the game into the dist folder. Open the dist/index.html in your browser to run the game. To publish the game simply copy the contents of the dist folder to a public web server.