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Megamenu for Beans framework for Wordpress
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Megamenu for Beans framework ( for WordPress

Issues / features to add

  • ! Need a way to detect if Beans is installed and exit plugin if not (site could break otherwise)
  • ! Need to be replaced with LESS variables that the user can change: ,@brand-color, @brand-color-light, @transition-speed, @contrast-font-color
  • If either the CTA or main area is not populated, do not load that area and get rid of divider
  • Site branding looks bad if it's text and not logo
  • Need custom fields for menu editor (now using menu item Description and Title Attribute to determine uk-icon and on-hover text, respectively)
  • Too much styling (mostly colouring) of .uk-navbar-nav class (and its children) is overwritten in MegaMenu LESS - consider letting user handle own styling
  • CTA items wrap in an ugly way
  • -17px right position not working on FF



  • All colours are LESS variables
  • Description section displays excerpt, link to parent, and list of its children
  • 1px border between nav and megamenu
  • -17px right position to mask scrollbar (not working on FF)


  • Near-complete re-write of plugin
  • Is now actually a plugin, can be used as such on WordPress


  • Concept only, written for a test site
  • Works, but everything's static
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