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Discography module for Fork CMS 3.*. Create a discography page listing all your albums (each with album title, track listing, cover art, release date, ...) on the Fork CMS website of an artist.
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The Fork CMS Discography module let's you create a discography page on your website displaying the artist his albums, EP's, ...

Each album can have a title, cover art, track listing w/ duration, release date, ... You can organize the albums in different categories (e.g Albums, EP's, Compilation albums, Live cd's, ...).


Walkthrough of the module


  1. Upload the /src/Backend/Modules/Discography folder to your /src/Backend/Modules folder and your /src/Frontend/Modules/Discography folder to /src/Frontend/Modules folder.
  2. Browse to your Fork CMS backend site.
  3. Go to Settings > Modules. Click on the install button next to the discography module.
  4. Have fun!


If you encounter any bugs, please create an issue and I'll try to fix it (or feel free to fix it yourself with a pull-request).


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