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Facebook modules for Fork CMS

The Facebook modules lets you connect to Facebook and show your Facebook Page "Events" and "Ratings" on your website.

Download latest FacebookConnector + FacebookRatings + FacebookEvents:

Download older FacebookConnector + FacebookRatings:


  • FacebookConnector module: Authenticating with Facebook
  • FacebookEvents module: Events from your Facebook page
  • FacebookRatings module: Ratings from your Facebook page


  • Create a Facebook APP:
    • Fill in the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs, example:
    • You do not need to fill in an app domain
    • You do not need to add a "platform"
  • In your terminal, type: composer require facebook/graph-sdk to install the external library.
  • Download this module
  • "Upload module" in your Fork CMS
  • Install the module
  • Visit the module settings to make the facebook connection.


  • Buggy Facebook graph sdk version: Do not use "facebook/graph-sdk" version "5.5" because it contains a bug which prevents you from successful executing "Facebook login".


It would be great if you could help us improve the module. GitHub does a great job in managing collaboration by providing different tools, the only thing you need is a GitHub login.

  • Use Pull requests to add or update code
  • Issues for bug reporting or code discussions

More info on how to work with GitHub on


The module is licensed under MIT. In short, this license allows you to do everything as long as the copyright statement stays present.