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[WIP] Import to MediaLibrary Module for Fork CMS 5
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Fork CMS MediaLibraryImporter Module

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[WIP] This MediaLibraryImporter Module is created to help you import mass MediaItem items.

Sometimes, you have to import images and files from external sources like f.e.; API's, .xml files, .csv files, ... With this module you can easily write some code and everything will be automatically updated.


Use at your own risk, this module isn't finished yet and still in development.


  • Copy/paste the src/Backend/Modules/MediaLibraryImporter folder to your Fork CMS 5.
  • Install the "MediaLibraryImporter" module in the backend (Note: "MediaLibrary" should be installed also).


Example code

// Contains all the vehicles
$vehicles = [/*...*/];

foreach ($vehicles as $vehicle) {
    if ($vehicle->exists()) {
        // Create import for existing media group
        $mediaGroupImportCommand = new CreateImportForExistingMediaGroup($vehicle->getMediaGroup());
    } else {
        // Create import for new media group
        $mediaGroupImportCommand = new CreateImportForNewMediaGroup(Backend\Modules\MediaLibrary\Domain\MediaGroup\Type::image());

    foreach ($vehicle->getImages() as $sequence => $image) {
            new MediaItemImportDataTransferObject(
                Method::copy(), // Other possible values are; Method::move() or Method::download()
                $image->title // Optionally
    // Handle the MediaGroupImport Update
    // We can now set the $mediaGroup in our vehicle

The code above will fill our "MediaItemImport" table. But we still need to execute the following code to "copy", "move" or "download" the image/file to our system and make it create a MediaItem for it if needed.

After all the vehicles import/sychronisation code is done. Then we recommend executing the script which will import new MediaItem, or finds existing MediaItem items...


We recommend using the Console command app/console media_library:import instead.

More about the example situation:

Imagine we are making a connection with a vehicles API, which returns all current vehicles data + URL's to their images. But now you want to create a "lightbox" or "slider" in your website using all those images and creating your own thumbnails... This can get kinda difficult right here.

What can the "MediaLibraryImporter" module do for me?

Every vehicle can have unlimited images and this can change every minute of the day. We also want to load the images/files into our website, so we have full control over them. We can now use this amazing module to automatically import the images to a $mediaGroup. It can also automatically update things in the next load.

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