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Kompact - A Free Fork CMS CMS Theme

Fork CMS theme - Kompact

Kompact is a Free Fork CMS theme, built with a minimalistic approach in mind, so you can focus on the content. Kompact was originally made for Kirby CMS by Joro Yordanov and can be found here.


  • Minimal design with focus on typography and white space
  • Responsive typography
  • Smooth page transitions
  • Choose between Off-Canvas and Standard navigation
  • CodeKit config file included
  • No-JS fallbacks
  • SCSS structure for easy customisation of:
    • Colours
    • Typography
    • Spacings

Feedback is appreciated!

Demo & Download

👁 Live Demo

👉 Free Download

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If you have any suggestions, feel free to drop me or Joro a line. Your feedback is appreciated! Follow Joro Yordanoff on Twitter or go and check out his 🔥 premium Kirby CMS themes.

Have fun building a kooler web!


If you use CodeKit, feel free to import the theme’s folder to it and start making changes. CodeKit will handle the recompiling of SASS & JS thanks to the config.codekit3 file in the root directory.

You can easily change the colors and overall styles of the theme by editing and recompiling its /assets/sass styles. As you’ll see the main colors are separated in /assets/sass/_palette.scss. From /assets/sass/components/_typography.scss you can easily change the font faces used for Kompact.


Kompact theme for Fork CMS built with a minimalistic approach in mind.







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