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Products module

A PrestaShop module to demonstrate all the available customizations in Product pages.


Product Catalog Page


Product Page



You need a Shop with PrestaShop 1.7.4+, Composer and PHP 7.1 at least.


Get the module here and move it into the modules folder of your Shop.

Then, you need to install the vendors of the module:

cd modules/products && composer install

Then install it using the command line:

php bin/console prestashop:module install products

Or using the Back Office.

Features demonstrated in the module

Catalog of products page.

We'll see how you can override the template, to re-order columns for instance.

We'll see also how to manage the available fields and following data to make it available in templates. We'll add a new field to product page called "alternative_description" and make it available in the catalog view.

Product Page

We need to make the new field "alternative_description" available in Product Page. We'll discover all the templates of Product page and how to choice which one should ne overridden. We also try the Modules tabs feature, available for people who need complex forms to be added to product page.


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