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Dinder! Swipe right on what's tasty.
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Project 3 (Group Friends4Eva): Dinder - Food Meets Tinder!

Getting Started


A facebook account is required to use Dinder. On the home page, click to login, and you will be redirected to facebook to confirm login credentials.


Once logged in, you will arrive at the users page, where you can perform Dinder searches or view past Dinder likes. To start a new Dinder search, click on the link and input as many specified fields to search for (by default it will search for restaurants from your current location). Then choose to like or dislike the search results to narrow down what restaurants will be displayed to you on your liked page. After performing multiple searches, you can view your likes in the liked page where you edit the returned yelp businesses (👍 or 👎 )


-Oauth login (facebook) -Creates JSON (based off of a user's yelp api call) -Mongoose to CRUD user data -Data rendered as interacatable cards -Deployed online using Heroku


Waffleboard Link

User Stories link

Team Members

  • Bao Vu (Product Owner)
  • Barrett Quan (Scrum Master)
  • Lacey Madison (Designer)
  • Michelle Lee (Database Manager)

Technologies Used

  • Bootstraps
  • Node.js
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Express
  • MongoDB / Mongoose
  • Yelp express middleware
  • Yelp api
  • Facebook Oauth
  • Heroku Online Deployment
  • Handlebars Templating

General Approach

For this project sprint, we closely followed Agile Deployment methods to brainstorm, create a back log, work on the top things of the back log, then repeat the whole process again. We spent the first day wireframing, writing user stories and creating routes/data schemas. After the GitHub and waffleboard were created and configured, we followed scrum methodology to push up our code once an hour and have stand ups twice a day. All major concerns and blockers were addressed during the group stand up then solved during the group discussion that followed.

Unsolved Problems

  • User doesn't allow location
  • Repeating entries for businesses in database
  • Swiping on android phones

Additional Features

  • Place lat,long on google maps for results
  • Editable comments in dropdown
  • Bookmarking in Yelp
  • Sharable Results
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