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For CakePHP 4.x compatible version:

composer require friendsofcake/crud

For CakePHP 3.x compatible version:

composer require friendsofcake/crud:^5.0

For CakePHP 2.x compatible version:

composer require friendsofcake/crud:~3.0


Crud was built to be scaffolding on steroids, and allow developers to have enough flexibility to use it for both rapid prototyping and production applications, even on the same code base -- saving you time.

  • Crud is very fast to install, a few minutes tops.

  • Crud is very flexible and has tons of configuration options.

  • Crud aims to stay out of your way, and if it happens to get in your way, you can change the undesired behavior very easily.

  • Crud relies heavily on CakePHP events and is possible to override, extend, or disable almost all of Crud's functionality either globally or for one specific action.

  • Usually, the basic code for controller CRUD actions are very simple and always looks the same. Crud will add the actions to your controller so you don't have to reimplement them over and over again.

  • Crud does not have the same limitations as CakePHP's own scaffolding, which is "my way or the highway." Crud allows you to hook into all stages of a request, only building the controller code needed specifically for your business logic, outsourcing all the heavy boilerplating to Crud.

  • Less boilerplate code means less code to maintain, and less code to spend time unit testing.

  • Crud allows you to use your own views, baked or hand-crafted, in addition to adding the code needed to fulfill your application logic, using events. It is by default compatible with CakePHP's baked views.

  • Crud also provides built in features for JSON and XML API for any action you have enabled through Crud, which eliminates maintaining both a HTML frontend and a JSON and/or XML interface for your applications -- saving you tons of time and having a leaner code base.


If you happen to stumble upon a bug, please feel free to create a pull request with a fix (optionally with a test), and a description of the bug and how it was resolved.

You can also create an issue with a description to raise awareness of the bug.


If you have a good idea for a Crud feature, please join us on IRC/Slack in the #friendsofcake channel and let's discuss it (this is not a support channel). Pull requests are always more than welcome.

Support / Questions

You can use any of CakePHP's support forums/channels for any support or questions.