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The FOSAdvancedEncoderBundle adds support for changing the encoder on an instance basis instead of using the same encoder for all instances of a class.


Add FOSAdvancedEncoderBundle to your project

The recommended way to install the bundle is through Composer.

$ composer require 'friendsofsymfony/advanced-encoder-bundle:~1.0'

Add FOSAdvancedEncoderBundle to your application kernel

    // app/AppKernel.php
    public function registerBundles()
        return array(
            // ...
            new FOS\AdvancedEncoderBundle\FOSAdvancedEncoderBundle(),
            // ...

Configure the encoders

You now need to configure the encoders available for the factory used by the bundle. They are identified by a name used to reference them later. The configuration keys available are exactly the same than for the SecurityBundle encoder configuration.

            algorithm: sha512
            iterations: 5000
            encode_as_base64: true
        another_encoder: sha1    # shortcut for the previous way
            algorithm: plaintext
            ignore_case: false
            id: some_service_id

Use the bundle

You can now implement the FOS\AdvancedEncoderBundle\Security\Encoder\EncoderAwareInterface interface in your User class. It consist of a single method getEncoderName returning the name of an encoder defined previously or null.

If you return null, the standard factory of SecurityBundle will be used (as if you were not using the interface at all). Otherwise, the encoder will be retrieved by its name.