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Hi you,

in light of GitHub continuing to work with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), I have decided to move all my repositories to GitLab.

GitLab is not perfect either but at least to my knowledge, they do not have a contract with an agency that keeps humans under inhumane conditions, tears apart families etc. (see sources below).

GitHub employees have left GitHub over this (see sources below), so the least we as users can do is protest GitHub's (and by extension, ICE's) actions by moving away from GitHub.

Especially if you are a member of the R community (#rstats), please consider moving your repositories to GitLab or another provider. We currently have a huge vendor lock-in to GitHub in the R community and this will not change unless some people start moving 💪

You can find my stuff on my GitLab profile



ICE and GitHub

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