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This is the 3rd version of the Tiff Tag Analysis.

The program searches for all tiff files (with a correct Tiff Header) in a chosen folder and examines the Tiff Tags. Not all possible Tiff Tags are known to the program yet, but the number is growing.

Furthermore, all Tiff Tags with a dec value bigger than 32,768 are marked as "private". The others are "null", if they are unknown, otherwise they are listed as "baseline" or "extented". Dec-Values between 65,000 and 65,535 would be marked as "reusable", but I have not run into these yet.

The xml Output is nicely (try with your browser, e. g. firefox, Chrome does not do the trick), because it has an xslt stylesheet. The xml output and the stylesheet are produced automatically within the examined Folder so you do not have to worry about them. Just open the XML in firefox and look at the findings.

There is a csv-Output as well which just lists all the TiffTags found for each Tiff File in the examined Folder.

Certain Tiff Files cause a Java Heap Space Out Of Memory Exception. I have not dealt with it yet, so the program will crash. This is to be enhanced soon.

All other error messages should be shown in the xml output as well. The program is quite fast so there should not be issues with large amounts of data, but of course the Output File gets really large then.

The source code is about all the main-program in the repository so look for the package "filetools.tiff" if interested.

edit: fixed some issues with content output

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