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A Sandstorm application demo built using Meteor for D20 RPG Dice Rolling. This was used in a talk given at Twin Cities Code Camp.

This app's purpose is to demonstrate how easy it is to produce a functioning aplication that has multi-user features and built-in security. The app relies entirely on Sandstorm for that security, and achieves it through zero lines of code.

Try Live Demo

Live Demo on Sandstorm Oasis

Install it Yourself

Install Sandstorm, all you need is a 64 bit linux machine! Go to

For installing this app and running on your own Sandstorm Server: upload the dieStorm.spk package file from the main "Apps" page of your Sandstorm server.

Install for Development

git clone
cd dieStorm
vagrant-spk vm up (or vagrant-spk up if that doesn't work)
vagrant-spk dev

Development Notes

Meteor is full-stack javascript. All of the logic that makes this app tick is in one of four files, in the /client, /server, and /both folders.


View slides from the Twin Cities Code Camp presentation: Six Reasons is Rocking the World of Open Source Web Apps.

You can fork the slides and get your own, editable version in HackerSlides by taking this grain backup and doing a 'Restore backup...' on your own account on whatever Sandstorm server you like.


Please feel free to open an issue or reach out to me on twitter @frigginglorious if you have any problems.