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initialize() is not called automatically - should it be? #13

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The docs for DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler::DeployMethod::SQL::Translator say:

*initialize* Gets run before the deploy is deployed. Has the same structure as the deploy subdirectory as well...

But I cannot see where this call is made, and my perl scripts stored in either MySQL/initialize/1 or _common/initialize/1 do not get run.

If I add a call to $self->initialize({ version=> $version }); into the install() method, then they do get called.

Is that call missing, or do I have to do something else to get initialise() to be called to run any Perl install scripts?

(I can fork+pull request if that would help...)


Failed spectacularly to attach my simple pull request to this issue - sorry.

Anyway, the (new!) issue #14 is a suggested doc fix, along the lines of your suggestion.


Finally merged! Thanks, and sorry for the delay

@frioux frioux closed this
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