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Latest commit 0e9a59f Oct 31, 2016 @frioux v2.033002
 - Fix ::ProxyResultSetMethod to work when calling ->update
   (Thanks for the report Ryan Voots!)
 - Fix a number of warnings induced by upcoming DBIC (Thanks ribasushi!)
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lib/DBIx/Class Fix ::ProxyResultSetMethod to work when calling ->update Oct 31, 2016
t Fix ::ProxyResultSetMethod to work when calling ->update Oct 31, 2016
.gitignore test against multiple databases Mar 3, 2014
.projections.json allow using projections on DBIx::Class::Helpers Feb 16, 2015
CONTRIBUTING rename contributing file so GH promotes it Jan 20, 2014
Changes v2.033002 Oct 31, 2016
cpanfile Add ::ResultClass::Tee Nov 7, 2015
dist.ini v2.033002 Oct 31, 2016
weaver.ini Add ::ResultSet::Explain May 26, 2014