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AutoRemoveColumns should not override an explicit columns attribute #27

derobert opened this Issue · 4 comments

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I tried this. Note that Pool::Passholder's holder_photo is a bytea, so is auto-removed:

my $row = $c->model('Pool::Passholder')->find($passholder_no, { key => 'primary', columns => [ 'holder_photo' ] })

And was rather surprised when it selected all the columns except holder_photo. It turns out it completely ignored the columns attribute.

This appears to be a bug in how RemoveColumns is implemented. A trivial fix is:

Index: libdbix-class-helpers-perl-2.019004/lib/DBIx/Class/Helper/ResultSet/
--- libdbix-class-helpers-perl-2.019004.orig/lib/DBIx/Class/Helper/ResultSet/   2014-02-14 08:53:27.0000
+++ libdbix-class-helpers-perl-2.019004/lib/DBIx/Class/Helper/ResultSet/        2014-04-05 13:36:38.2834
@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@

    my $attrs  = $self->{attrs}; # not copying on purpose...

-   if ( $attrs->{remove_columns} ) {
+   if ( !$attrs->{columns} && $attrs->{remove_columns} ) {
       my %rc = map { $_ => 1 } @{$attrs->{remove_columns}};
       $attrs->{columns} = [
          grep { !$rc{$_} } $self->result_source->columns

Oh awesome! I'll see if I can get this merged tonight; thanks!


By the way, I got a test failure in t/schema/lint-contents.t, where it expected Bloaty to be undef. Those are counts, which shouldn't be undef... So possibly I've accidentally fixed Issue #24 as well.

@derobert derobert referenced this issue from a commit in derobert/Westerley-Pool
@derobert derobert Only pull the BLOB when needed. Better error.
This turned out to be fun. Google found me an old email from 2010
A message there indicated fREW Schmidt is planning on implementing.
Found out he did, at
and that even better, there is one to do it automatically

Implemented that, and had the JPEG controller explicitly ask for the
column... and it was ignored. After some fiddling (do I remember DBIC
syntax right? Yes.) turns out to be a bug in that RemoveColumns
module... Bug reported, along with a quick patch
<frioux/DBIx-Class-Helpers#27> and it now


Also, when an image isn't found, don't die(). Instead, send back a 404.

yeah, that's what I was thinking and why I responded to this as quickly as I did, because I really did not want to look at that issue ☻


Thanks again for the help! Fixed and released

@frioux frioux closed this
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