PokeAlarm is a third party extension for PokemonGo-Map that allows you to receive external notifications via the service of your choice
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#PokeAlarm Logo

Python 2.7 license
PokeAlarm is a third party extension of RocketMap that allows you to receive external notifications through a variety of services, such as Twitter, Facebook, Slack, or Discord.

Support PokeAlarm Donate Donate

If you like PokeAlarm, and enjoying seeing updates and new features added, consider donating to us. Donating to PokeAlarm helps cover the costs of running my own maps (which I need to test PokeAlarm) and lets me spend more time working on PokeAlarm instead of on something else.

#CONFIG CHANGES WARNING PokeAlarm is now on v3.1. For an overview of what has changed, please check out the latest Patch Notess.


  • Receive notifications for Pokemon, Pokestops, and Gyms
  • Supports a wide variety of external services such as Twitter, Slack, or Discord.
  • Dynamic Text Substitution - customize your notifications to include a variety of options, include IV's, movesets, and more!
  • Filter notifications based on location, moves, IV's, and more.
  • Reverse geocoding - Get the street adress, city, or zip code of a pokemon based on its location.
  • Supports translations of Pokemon names and moves based on the following languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, and ZH_HK
  • Multiprocessing allows multiple managers to share a single listening port, reducing overhead.


What exactly is PokeAlarm?

PokeAlarm is a lightweight webserver designed to receive POST requests from your local RocketMap server. It sorts through these request and send your a message via your favorite message service. This could be either a tweet when a rare pokemon spawning down the street, a Telegram message letting you know a lured pokestop only a few minutes away, or a Pushbullet notification letting you know your team's gym has fallen.



Please read the Wiki and the FAQ below before contacting us for support. It should answer all your questions about installation and configuration. Make sure to check out the sidebar on the right.


Visit us at our Discord channel if you still have issues with your setup. Please stick to the #troubleshooting and #general chats and avoid sending private messages to devs. We're working hard, we promise!


If you are experiencing issues with the alarm or would like to see new features, please open a ticket on github here. Be sure to complete the included suppport template and provide as much information as possible. Support tickets that do not fully complete the request template may be closed without notice.


I am receiving an error about JSON input from PokeAlarm. What gives?

  • If on Windows, DON'T USE NOTEPAD. Use Notepad++ or PyCharm. Create a new alarms.json and start over. Alternatively, use jsoneditoronline.org to check for errors.

Which version of RocketMap do I need?

  • Use the develop branch of RocketMap. PokeAlarm is a webhook - an extension of RocketMap. We can update PokeAlarm without affecting your RocketMap installation (and vice-versa).

How do I request for a Service to be added to PokeAlarm?

Man I wish this could do XYZ!

  • Open an Enhancement Request on github. Do not PM us!

I am receiving XYZ error from RocketMap! What do I do?

  • Check the RocketMap Wiki or the ask in the RocketMap Discord. We will not troubleshoot your RocketMap installation.

Can I run multiple simultaneous alarms services?

  • Yes. You may configure as few or as many simultaneous alarm services in alarms.json like Twitter, Discord and Telegram. Visit the Alarm Configuation wiki for more details.

Alternatively, you can run RocketMap with multiple webhooks and have multiple instances of PokeAlarm, each assigned to a different http://<host>:<port>, e.g.,,

I'm having issues with setting a location. It is not showing distance, maps are not showing up, walking directions, etc.

  • Ensure you have a Google Maps API key with all the necessary APIs enabled. Visit the Google Maps API Key wiki on how to test your key and more details.