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PangDocumentation is a Wiki and list of program and library documentation referenced when creating a project. From Intermediate topics to Advance.

Bash Configuration

  1. Configuring Sublime Text 2 Using Command Line


  1. Compiling Javascript Packages using Grunt

Server Installation

  1. Installing NodeJS, Foundation, and Firebase

Systems Architecture

  1. Google Load Balancing
  2. A Solid System Design for Website Requests


  1. Networking Notes


  1. Using Repositories

General Programming

  1. Programming Terminologies
  2. Refactoring by Martin Fowler

JavaScript Methodologies

  1. Closures (Intermediate)
  2. Inheritance and The Prototype (Advance)
  3. Strict Mode (Advance)
  4. JavaScript Typed Arrays (Advance)
  5. SIMD in JavaScript (Advance)
  6. Memory Management (Advance)
  7. Concurrency Model (Advance)

CSS Methodologies and Best Practices

  1. 30 CSS Best Practices

PHP Methodologies and Other References

  1. PHP The Right Way

Python Methodologies and Best Practices

  1. Python Best Practices
  2. Design Patterns in Python

Java Patterns

  1. Java Design Patterns


  1. Using SQL commands - don't forget!


  1. Google Cloud Datastore
  1. Amazon DynamoDB

Asynchronous Requests

  1. Using Synchronous and Asynchronous Requests
  2. Fetch API
  3. Using Promise


  1. Using the Service Worker

Server Management

  1. ZFS File System

Terminal Editors

  1. Vim Cheat Sheet

iOS Programming

  1. Seven Commandmentso of Auto Layout


  1. Flutter Commands
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