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Fritz iOS Tutorials

Fritz AI is the machine learning platform for iOS and Android developers. Teach your mobile apps to see, hear, sense, and think. Start with our ready-to-use feature APIs or connect and deploy your own custom models.

Sign up for an account on Fritz AI in order to get started.

Examples for iOS

Vision API: Prebuilt models that you can simply drop into your apps:

Custom Models: Deploy, Monitor, and Update your own models:

We currently support Core ML for iOS.

Example Apps

If you are new to Fritz, it's recommended to get started with our Fritz AI Studio App. You can also install the latest version from the App Store:

  • Fritz AI Studio App - Our kitchen sink project showcases all on-device Vision APIs and Custom Model usage. (Open Source Code)
  • Fritz Image Segmentation Demo - Create a portrait mode filter with People Segmentation (tutorial).
  • Fritz Hair Color Demo - Try out different hair colors and styles (tutorial).
  • Fritz Pizza Detector Demo - Create Domino's Points for Pies feature by recognizing pizza (tutorial).
  • Fritz Style Transfer Demo - Transform each frame into a work of art. (tutorial).
  • Fritz Pose Estimation Demo - Track body position and motion. (tutorial).

Official Documentation

SDK Documentation

iOS API Docs

Join the community

Heartbeat is a community of developers interested in the intersection of mobile and machine learning. Chat with us in Slack and stay up to date on the latest mobile ML news with our Newsletter.


For any questions or issues, you can:

  • Submit an issue on this repo
  • Go to our Help Center
  • Message us directly in Slack
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