A collection of experiences utilizing machine learning models with Fritz
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Heartbeat by Fritz

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Heartbeat by Fritz is a collection of unique experiences built with machine learning models. Explore the code for our demos, or fork the repo and build your own app.

Heartbeat by Fritz is also available from the App Store.

About Fritz

Fritz is a free end-to-end platform that allows you to create machine-learning-powered features in your mobile apps with ease. Build unique, compelling user experiences using ML technology like image labeling, object detection, and more.

If you're interested in using Fritz, check out our website, documentation, or create an account.

Getting Started

The steps below will guide you through downloading this project, getting it up, and running in a simulator or on device.


In order to run this project you need:

Step 1 - Clone Project

In order to clone the project, you must first install Git Large File Storage (LFS), available here. The MLModel files are checked into the repo using LFS and will not clone properly otherwise.

After installing LFS, clone or download the project to your Mac. We recommend cloning, but if you choose to download make sure you unzip the archive before proceeding.

Step 2 - Install Dependencies

Open a terminal and cd to the project directory, then run:

pod install

Step 3 - Open Workspace

Start Xcode and open the project from the workspace Heartbeat.xcworkspace.

Step 4 - Build & Run

Build and run the project through the Xcode simulator, using any iOS device.