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Can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong here. #227

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I am try to use the oneshot example in the documentation to send a single facebook message at a time. Using this class:

class SendMsgBot(ClientXMPP):

    A basic SleekXMPP bot that will log in, send a message,
    and then log out.

    def __init__(self, jid, recipient, message):
        ClientXMPP.__init__(self, jid, None)

        # The message we wish to send, and the JID that
        # will receive it.
        self.recipient = recipient
        self.msg = message

        # The session_start event will be triggered when
        # the bot establishes its connection with the server
        # and the XML streams are ready for use. We want to
        # listen for this event so that we we can initialize
        # our roster.
        self.add_event_handler("session_start", self.start)

    def start(self, event):
        Process the session_start event.

        Typical actions for the session_start event are
        requesting the roster and broadcasting an initial
        presence stanza.

            event -- An empty dictionary. The session_start
                     event does not provide any additional


        # Using wait=True ensures that the send queue will be
        # emptied before ending the session.

The one important alteration in this class, is that I don't actually pass a password into ClientXMPP. Since I'm sending a message on behalf of another user, I won't have their password obviously, but I will have their access_token. I assumed that I wouldn't have to provide a password, seeing as I go on to see an access_token and api_key later on.

I run this code at the point where I actually want to send the message:

    message = 'This is an invite to Course<%s>.' %
    xmpp = SendMsgBot('' % request.user.facebook_auth_user.username,
    xmpp.credentials['api_key'] = request.registry.settings['clusterflunk.rauth.facebook.client_id']
    xmpp.credentials['access_token'] = get_app_access_token(request.registry.settings)

    server = ('', 5222)
    import pdb;pdb.set_trace()
    if xmpp.connect(server):

This stack overflow post( lead me to believe that I could simply provide sleekxmpp with the api_key and access_token credentials, and it would intelligently use X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM as an auth method.

I am receiving the following error message:

2013-03-07 18:29:47,706 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Negotiating TLS
2013-03-07 18:29:47,707 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Using SSL version: 3
2013-03-07 18:29:47,900 WARNI [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.cert][Dummy-1] Could not find pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules. SSL certificate COULD NOT BE VERIFIED.
2013-03-07 18:29:48,251 INFO  [sleekxmpp.features.feature_mechanisms.mechanisms][Dummy-1] Authentication failed: not-authorized
2013-03-07 18:29:48,503 INFO  [sleekxmpp.features.feature_mechanisms.mechanisms][Dummy-1] Authentication failed: not-authorized
2013-03-07 18:29:48,505 ERROR [sleekxmpp.features.feature_mechanisms.mechanisms][Dummy-1] No appropriate login method.
2013-03-07 18:29:48,506 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Waiting for </stream:stream> from server
2013-03-07 18:29:53,597 ERROR [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Error reading from XML stream.

Any ideas?


Did you include the xmpp_login scope when requesting the access token?


I did not. Is that error pretty characteristic of that?


I think so. That's the most immediate cause for the auth to fail, especially if you already know that the token hasn't expired and you've verified that the token was actually issued for your app.


Is the access_token being provided the app access_token or the user access_token?


B/c I just changed it from the app access_token to the user access_token, and the error messages changed to:

2013-03-07 21:30:38,385 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Negotiating TLS
2013-03-07 21:30:38,386 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Using SSL version: 3
2013-03-07 21:30:38,576 WARNI [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.cert][Dummy-1] Could not find pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules. SSL certificate COULD NOT BE VERIFIED.
2013-03-07 21:30:38,934 INFO  [sleekxmpp.features.feature_mechanisms.mechanisms][Dummy-1] Authentication failed: not-authorized
2013-03-07 21:30:39,407 INFO  [sleekxmpp.features.feature_bind.bind][event_thread_0] Node set to: -{id}{id}
2013-03-07 21:30:40,237 WARNI [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.cert][event_thread_0] Could not find pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules. SSL certificate expiration COULD NOT BE VERIFIED.
2013-03-07 21:30:41,024 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][event_thread_0] Waiting for </stream:stream> from server

Yes, access_token is a user access token. I haven't looked into how app access tokens integrate with their XMPP service.


Hmmm so I'm still stumped. I am now using my access token generated by the Graph API Tool, and I have the correct Api Key. Do I need the two modules specified:

Could not find pyasn1 and pyasn1_modules. SSL certificate COULD NOT BE VERIFIED.

It is a good idea to pip install those modules in order to do cert validation.

So, using the Graph API tool you mentioned, I did:

1) Click generate new token
2) Select xmpp_login from the extended permissions tab
3) Generate the new token
4) Click Debug to get the app ID for the graph api tool.
5) Set xmpp.credentials['api_key'] to the app ID
6) Set xmpp.credentials['access_token'] to the generated token
7) Run code, it logs in and works using platform auth

Is that the same as what you did?


Went through those steps exactly, including pip installing the modules that were missing, and got this log output:

2013-03-07 22:17:53,291 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Negotiating TLS
2013-03-07 22:17:53,292 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][Dummy-1] Using SSL version: 3
2013-03-07 22:17:53,844 INFO  [sleekxmpp.features.feature_mechanisms.mechanisms][Dummy-1] Authentication failed: not-authorized
2013-03-07 22:17:54,316 INFO  [sleekxmpp.features.feature_bind.bind][event_thread_0] Node set to:
2013-03-07 22:17:55,016 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][event_thread_0] CERT: Time until certificate expiration: 343 days, 1:42:03.983422
2013-03-07 22:17:55,752 INFO  [sleekxmpp.xmlstream.xmlstream][event_thread_0] Waiting for </stream:stream> from server

Is it still sending your message?

If you enable debug level logging, you should be able to see which SASL mech is being tried and failing. Which version of Sleek are you using?


It's not sending my message. Enabled debug level logging, and I'm not seeing any extra log output. I'm using version 1.1.11.


And early when you said "run code", did you actually test out my code and it worked? B/c if that's true, then it must be an environment issue or something.


By run code I meant using the example, edited to include the credentials


Ok now I'm having a little success, I'm using exactly now and added a few lines for the credentials:

    xmpp = SendMsgBot(opts.jid, opts.password,, opts.message)
    xmpp.credentials['api_key'] = ....key....
    xmpp.credentials['access_token'] = ...token...

It looks like it's establishing a connection as it outputs this line:

DEBUG    SEND (IMMED): <iq type="set" id="211892b0-e211-4058-9e07-58fa83441ed1-2"><session xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-session" /></iq>
DEBUG    RECV: <iq type="result" id="211892b0-e211-4058-9e07-58fa83441ed1-2"><session xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-session" /></iq>
DEBUG    Established Session

And here it's sending the message:

DEBUG    SEND: <message to="" type="chat" xml:lang="en"><body>This is a message</body></message>
DEBUG    SEND (IMMED): </stream:stream>

But the message isn't showing up in my inbox.


Ok, so playing around some more:

Sending a message to wouldn't work for me. Sending a message to did.

The second issue, which isn't really an issue since you're doing one-off messages is that Facebook uses a custom receipt stanza which Sleek doesn't automatically answer, which causes Facebook to kill the stream.


Ok I'm using ids, so I don't think the first thing is an issue. So the second comment you made isn't an issue? And all you had to do was add the two lines mentioned above? Thanks for sticking with me, I'm really confused as to why this isn't working. I seem to be getting authenticated now, but the message still isn't showing up.


Other things I remember from trying to get this working in the past:

Are the two users friends?
Did you check the 'Other' inbox tab?
Are you receiving any chats/online status from the XMPP user in the popup chat window?


The two users are indeed friends. Yup checked the 'Other' tab, nothing in there. And no, not receiving either chats or online status from the XMPP user.


There is an advanced settings pane if you click on the gear in the chat box. Make sure both users are configured to allow chats, but that probably is the default already.

The last thing I can think of is to try using one of the other examples, say, and sending a message from the web user to the XMPP user.


Echo client just worked for me. Thanks man. I think I can figure everything out now, I just needed an example of it working.


So the problem seemed to be that all fb ids require a dash in front of them? When specifying the address, any idea why this is? So an address like so "" won't work, but "" will.


Huh, that's good to know. As for why, I have no clue why Facebook implemented their gateway like that. There's no XMPP level reason for it.


So cool, I now have what I need, thanks for the help.

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