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Q: Why can't I connect to Google Talk?

A: Google does not host their XMPP servers on gmail.com, but rather on talk.google.com. Thus you need to either install the dnspython library in order to perform the necessary DNS SRV queries, or manually specify that you are connecting to talk.google.com by using:

xmpp.connect(('talk.google.com', 5222))

Q: I'm using Openfire, and I can't connect! Why is your library broken?

A: After creating your ClientXMPP instance (in this example,"xmpp"), set xmpp.ssl_version = ssl.PROTOCOL_SSLv3

Q: I'm not getting subscription events and/or auto_subscribe=True isn't working! What gives, SleekXMPP dudes?

A: In the XMPP RFCs, you will not get roster notifications or presence subscription stanzas from the server unless you retrieve the roster first! Try get_roster() on the session_start event like the examples do.

Q: Where is your documentation? Why isn't this thing documented at all?!

A: Ok, we get it, the Wiki is a bit sparse. But have you looked at the code? It's all well documented inline, plus the examples! We're working on making this all browse-able for the 1.0 release, plus more wiki documents.