Roadmap and Active Branches

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SleekXMPP 1.1

XEP-0302 Compliance


  • XEP-0163 Personal Eventing "PEP" plugin (for registering node interest and generating events) (in develop branch now)
    • Note that PEP can be used already with the existing plugins for XEPs 30, 115, and 60. This plugin is just for convenience.
    • The develop branch now also includes XEP-0080, XEP-0107, XEP-0108, XEP-0118, and XEP-0172.
  • XEP-0115 Entity Capabilities (In develop branch now)
  • XEP-0198 Stream Management (Preliminary support in develop branch now)
  • XEP-0237 Roster Versioning (In develop branch now)
    • XEP-0237 has been obsoleted by RFC 6121, so this will be included in SleekXMPP's core roster implementation instead of as a XEP plugin.
  • XEP-0054 vcard-temp
  • XEP-184 Message Delivery Receipts (in develop branch now)
  • Audit to make sure plugins and core reports supported features to Service Discovery.
  • Multi-User Chat plugin polish
  • Merge macdiesel's XEP-0047 In-Band File Transfer plugin (An alternative implementation of XEP-0047 has been added to the develop branch instead)
  • SSL validation improvements and extendability (pyopenssl soft-requirement)


  • PyPy and Stackless-Python compatibility (Jython 2.6?)
  • s2s router
  • benchmarking
  • IPv6 support (in develop branch, but needs more thorough testing)

Active Branches

  • develop - Contains what will be the next release of SleekXMPP.
  • experimental - Contains experiments with refactoring XMLStream into smaller components, and an improved plugin system.