This repo contains files, codes, and reports related to the Johns Hopkins Genomic Data Science Specialization Capstone Project
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RNA-seq re-analysis to demonstrate the RNA-seq data analysis workflow in a microbiology course

This repo contains files and codes for Genomic Data Science re-analysis for data published here, in which differential gene expression between fetal and adult brains was evaluated.

The genomic data analysis in this report was used to demonstrate students enrolled in an upper division microbiology course (MCB3023 section 13352 at Miami Dade College) the RNA-seq data analysis workflow. From the findings of the upper and down-regulated genes (fetal as starting condition and adult as final condition), students were assigned genes for them to search their respective functions.

An in-class discussion was carried out to elaborate on the function and the importance of up-regulating or down-regulating certain genes. Capstone project of the Johns Hopkins Genomic Data Sciences specialization. Refer to the project summary for more information about this project.