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Ancestor recursion #52

sphunter opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Hi I am trying to use the acestor function with a large GEDCOM file 1000+ indiviuals.

Getting stack overflow errors will any kaing of relationship .

Is there any guidance as to the limit or workarrounds?


I suspect that you might have some problems in your gedcom file where there might be a mistaken circular relationship causing infinite recursion. I have successfully processed a file containing over 7000 individuals without any difficulty, but it's very possible that gedcom4j does not deal well with a cyclical relationship and it would need to be fixed.

Have you tried using the -Xms parameters on your JVM to increase your stack size? If it fails no matter how big you make your stack size, it's very likely to be infinite recursion due to a cyclical relationship.

Would you be willing to email me your GEDCOM to I could take a look.


sphunter, you might have success with the latest build of gedcom4j available at

I just checked in a change as part of build 85 that includes a fix to prevent infinite recursion in the getAncestors() method. Hopefully your problem will be resolved.

@frizbog frizbog was assigned

Haven't heard back and a fix was released. Closing. Can re-open if something comes up.

@frizbog frizbog closed this
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