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title: "Hugo Zen theme"
baseURL: ""
theme: "zen"
languageCode: "en-GB"
defaultContentLanguage: "en"
metaDataFormat: "yaml"
pluralizelisttitles: false
removePathAccents: true
paginate: 10
paginatePath: "page"
rssLimit: 20
name: "Your Name"
url: ""
avatar: "path/to/some-image.jpg"
home: ["HTML","RSS", "JSON"]
section: ["HTML","RSS", "JSON"]
cacheBustCSS: false
cacheBustJS: false
contact: ""
copyright: "<!--Creative Commons License-->This site is licensed under a [Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License](<!--/Creative Commons License-->"
description: "The zen theme for Hugo example site."
dateformat: "2 January, 2006"
favicon: "icon-64.png"
feedlinks: true
footer: "Powered by [Hugo]( and the [Zen theme]("
icon: "apple-touch-icon-180.png"
image: "xdeb-org.jpg"
imageMaxWidth: 400
jquery: true
languageDir: "ltr"
logo: false
mobileMenu: true
poweredby: false
search: true
searchSize: 20
sidebar: true
submitted: true
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title: "Make the Web Fun Again"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"
# Hugo
## Make the Web Fun Again
Introducing Hugo, a new idea for making website creation simple again. Hugo works flexibly with many formats, and is ideal for blogs, docs, portfolios and much more. Hugo’s speed fosters creativity—it makes building a website fun again.
## Run Anywhere
Hugo is quite possibly the easiest software to install you’ve ever used: simply download and run! Hugo doesn’t depend on administrative privileges, databases, runtimes, interpreters or external libraries. Sites built with Hugo can be deployed on S3, GitHub Pages, Dropbox or any web host.
## Fast & Powerful
Hugo is designed for speed and performance. Great care has been taken to ensure build time with Hugo is as short as possible. We’re talking milliseconds to build your entire site—for most setups!
## Flexible
Hugo is designed to work the way you do. Organize your content however you want with any URL structure. Group your content using your own indexes and categories. Define your own metadata in any format: YAML, TOML or JSON. Best of all, Hugo handles all these variations with virtually no configuration. Hugo just works.
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title: "About"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"
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title: "Contact"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"
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title: "Configuration"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"
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title: "Create a theme"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"
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title: "Installation"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"
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title: "Quickstart"
author: "Fredrik Jonsson"

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