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Bane is originally based off of tbranyen's brilliant Backbone Boilerplate. All credit for Backbone Boilerplate goes to him and the contributors to that project.



This is a Yeoman generator for Bane.

Getting started

  • Make sure you have yo installed: npm install -g yo
  • Install the generator: npm install -g generator-bane
  • Run: yo bane

To create a new module, run: yo bane:module <ModuleName> You will have to manually update app/router.js.


This is basically a more "opinionated" version of Backbone Boilerplate.

Jade is added to save time from typing out redundant markup tags. I've added my own Atomic styling microframework, which is a set of common stylings I use. I encourage you to assemble something similar that reflects your own style and swap it in!


  • Jade added as the templating engine
  • Underscore.string added to provide some extra string manipulation features
  • Added my Atomic styling microframework (built with Sass)
  • Integrated Font Custom for generating custom icon fonts.
  • Build system (Grunt) customized
  • Added some example code
  • Distributed as a Yeoman generator
  • Swapped out Jam, replaced with Bower


I have been having issues with Bower, RequireJS, and Jade. The main path as specified by the Bower Jade package's component.json (which is deprecated) is vendor/bower/jade/lib/runtime. However, to use it as an AMD module, you must instead specify the path as:

    // app/config.js
    paths: {
        // ...
        jade: 'vendor/bower/jade/runtime',
        // ...


Bane is by Francis Tseng (@frnsys)

Backbone Boilerplate is Copyright (c) 2013 Tim Branyen (@tbranyen)

Licensed under the MIT License