an experimental 3d network visualizer inspired by neuromancer
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neuromancer network viz

This is an experimental 3d network traffic visualizer built in Unity and Node.js. It is inspired by descriptions of hacking in the novel Neuromancer.

It lacks polish and I'm not sure where to take it next. It could be cool to turn it into some sort of hacking/ICE game.


You will need a copy of Unity (the free edition is fine).

You'll also need:

Clone this repo, and then install the node dependencies:

$ cd server
$ npm install


There are two separate components:

  • the server (which monitors network traffic)
  • the client (which is the 3D visualization).

While connected to a network, run the server:

$ sudo node server.js

sudo is necessary so node_pcap has the proper permissions.

With the server running, you can open the client in Unity and hit the play button. You should see the network entities appearing and packets flowing between them.

neuromancer exampler


Thanks to Jonathan Dahan for his pagesounds project which was the basis for the network-monitoring server.


This code is released under the MIT license.