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use Signal for notes, memos, to-dos, journaling, etc
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Signal Daemon

Note taking, memos, to-dos, journaling, etc with Signal, built on signal-cli.

For awhile I've had trouble finding a good journaling/note-taking system for mobile, mostly because of issues of security/lack of encryption and synchronizing. And most note-taking apps have a lot of extra features that confuse the interface, and sometimes felt too formal; I wanted something that I could easily fire-off notes with, no pressure or anything. Which Signal and its texting interface are great for.


Follow the setup directions below, then just start texting your daemon!

You can specify a directive prior to a message to direct it to a specific file, e.g. the message "TODO: hello world" will append to a file called in whatever OUTPUT_DIR you specify.

Attachments will be copied over to OUTPUT_DIR/ASSETS_DIR.


  1. Install dependencies
  2. Setup your daemon Signal number
  3. Configure the script as needed, e.g. the OUTPUT_DIR variable.
  4. In some init/system startup script, make sure you export your daemon number as the DAEMONSIGNALNUM environment variable.
  5. Setup crontab to run regularly

Setup Signal number

Things get a bit tricky/messy if you use your existing Signal number (i.e. duplicate messages and messages not coming through). I recommend signing up for a separate number elsewhere, e.g. Google Voice.

Once you have that number (e.g. +1XXXXXXXXXX), export it as an environment variable and register it with signal-cli:

signal-cli -u ${DAEMONSIGNALNUM} register

You should see some instructions for retrieving a verification code, so check e.g. Google Voice (or whatever you used to get the number), and then pass it to signal-cli:

signal-cli -u ${DAEMONSIGNALNUM} verify XXX-XXX

Now you should be able to receive messages sent to that number via signal-cli.

In your phone, add that number to your contacts and you can start texting it.

Setup crontab

sudo crontab -e

# then add e.g.:
# */15 * * * * /path/to/

Bash version

A Bash version is included too (, which is simpler than the Python version (it doesn't handle attachments, nor does it support directing memos to specific files).

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