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No nonsense asciicasting for serious hackers Build Status

ASCII.IO is the simplest way to record your terminal and share the recordings with your fellow geeks. Simply record and upload your terminal session with single command, and ASCII.IO will play it back in your browser.

This is the source code of website and JS player. If you're looking for terminal recorder go here: sickill/

Setup instructions

Below you'll find setup instructions in case you want to contribute, play with it on your local machine or setup your own instance for your organization.

1. Install dependencies site is a Ruby on Rails application. You need to have following dependencies installed:

  • Ruby 1.9.2+ (Ruby 1.9.3 is recommended)

  • bundler gem
    gem install bundler

  • PostgreSQL 8+ with libpq development headers
    sudo apt-get install postgresql libpq-dev on Debian/Ubuntu

Also, for thumbnail generation you need following binaries:

  • tmux
    sudo apt-get install tmux on Debian/Ubuntu

  • scriptreplay
    sudo apt-get install bsdutils on Debian/Ubuntu

2. Get the source code

Clone git repository:

$ git clone git://
$ cd

3. Prepare database config file

Copy config/database.yml.example to config/database.yml. Then set database/user/password to whatever you prefer.

If database specified in database.yml doesn't exist then the following setup task will create it (make sure database user is allowed to create new databases).

4. Setup the app

Following script will install gem dependencies and setup database:

$ ./script/setup

5. Run Rails server

$ ./script/rails s


  • Marcin Kulik (sickill)
  • Michał Wróbel (sparrovv)
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