Craft 3 CMS plugin for Froala WYSIWYG HTML Rich Text Editor.
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Froala WYSIWYG editor for Craft CMS (v3)

The implementation of the Froala Editor (license not included) for Craft CMS (v3)

Check the Craft CMS v2 version here

Entry Field Example

Known issue (help wanted!)

Adding links to Craft Entries causing issues when you double click on the entry to link to. Just click once and use the "Select" button.

Sorry for the inconvience. We're working on these annoying issues. But we decided to release a new version because of some missing important other features (like saving links the Craft way).


Tell composer to load the plugin

composer require froala/craft-froala-wysiwyg

Get your license

To enable the editor correctly, you should have a purchased a license on

Once you have a license, for your domain, you can enter the license key in the plugin settings.


Froala Editor is a beautiful WYSIWYG editor for editing web pages.

Therefor the editor needs a license. You can buy one at the website.

Once purchased a license, you can enter the license key in your Craft CMS settings page.