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Build, Installation and Usage Instructions
Build the application:
$ make
Install (default is /usr/local/bin)
$ sudo make install
Copy the sample rcfile (example-rcfile.lua) to ~/.cmd-key-happy.lua:
$ make install-rcfile
Install the launchd configuration:
$ make install-plist
*** BEGIN Mavericks only BEGIN ****
This last step will pop-up a dialog saying something like:
"cmd-key-happy" would like to control this computer using accesibility
features. Select "Open System Preferences" and grant "cmd-key-happy"
access. And now you need to restart:
$ cmd-key-happy-restart
Note: It is necessary to restart as the dialog that is popped up is
asynchronous to the running of cmd-key-happy.
Developer notes: if you're hacking on cmd-key-happy, rebuilding it,
and then running it as ./cmd-key-happy you'll find that that dialog
becomes "Terminal" would like to control this computer - which is
obviously wrong. During development I run `make install &&
cmd-key-happy-restart' on each dev iteration to ensure that it is
cmd-key-happy that is requesting access to the accessibility features.
*** END Mavericks only END ****
At this point cmd-key-happy should be running and any messages are
logged via syslog.
This application is most useful when trying to use readline naviation
in With cmd-key-happy running and "Use option as meta
key" checked in Terminal's preferences you can now get the same
readline navigation behaviour you would get if you were using either
an xterm or iTerm - and that is much more desirable than trying to get
my thumb to use the alt (or option) key.