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0.0.3 - 04/15/2012

  • Added have_index_for(indexed_field) document matcher.
  • Added embedded_in(association_name) association matcher.
  • Added embed_many(association_name) association matcher.
  • Fixed issue check association_type if metadata is not nil.
  • Added embed_one(association_name) association matcher.
  • Added have_and_belong_to_many(association_name) association matcher.
  • Added validate_associated(association_name) validation matcher.
  • Added accept_with(value) chain matcher to validate_acceptance_of.
  • Added validate_acceptance_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added validate_confirmation_of(field) validation matcher.

 0.0.2 - 04/13/2012

  • Added have_one(association_name) association matcher.
  • Added in(range) alias to within matcher.
  • Added within(range) chain matcher to validate_length_of.
  • Added scoped_to(*scope) chain matcher to validate_uniqueness_of
  • Added with_message(custom_message) chain matcher for validation matchers to test custom messages.
  • Added DocumentModuleMatcher class to simplify document matchers.
  • Added be_stored_in(collection_name) document matcher.
  • Added to_allow(values) chain matcher to validate_inclusion_of.
  • Added validate_inclusion_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added belong_to(association_name) association matcher.

0.0.1 - 04/12/2012

  • Added of_type(type) chain matcher to association matcher.
  • Added have_many(association_name) association matcher.
  • Added Mongoid::Matchers::Associations module.
  • Added to_not_allow(*values) chain matcher to validate_exclusion_of.
  • Added validate_exclusion_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added to_not_allow(*values) matcher to validate_format_of.
  • Added to_allow(*values) matcher to validate_format_of.
  • Added validate_format_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added with_max(value) alias to with_maximum matcher.
  • Added with_maximum(value) chain matcher to validate_length_of
  • Added with_min(value) alias to with_minimum matcher.
  • Added with_minimum(value) matcher to validate_length_of.
  • Added validate_length_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added case_sensitive chain matcher to validate_uniqueness_of.
  • Added validate_uniqueness_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added validate_presence_of(field) validation matcher.
  • Added have_fields(*fields) document matcher.
  • Added be_timestamped document matcher.
  • Added be_versioned document matcher.
  • Added be_paranoid document matcher.
  • Added be_document document matcher.
  • Added with_default_value(default) chain matcher to have_field.
  • Added of_type(type) chain matcher to have_field.
  • Added must and wont methods to MiniTest::Spec.
  • Added have_field(field) document matcher.
  • Added default failure messages based on description matcher.
  • Added must and wont expectations.
  • Added assert_must and assert_wont to MiniTest::Assertions.
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