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Revision history for CPAN-Mini-Inject
0.28 ????/??/??
- Skip tests that are unreliable under a DNS regime where any
hostname resolves.
- keep just the last added module, even if there was one in
02packages.details.txt before we injected
(Paul Driver <>)
0.27 2010/01/28
All the following are thanks to Jozef Kutej <>:
- --discover-packages option added to parse .pm files inside
--file and extract package names andV versions.
- allow CHECKSUMS signing.
- keep just last added module version in 02packages.details.txt.
0.26 2009/06/15
- Specify minimum File::Path version
0.25 2009/05/29
- Move to GitHub
0.24 2009/05/10
- Made tests use a port (11027) other than 8080 to avoid clashes
with existing services.
0.23 2008/10/25
- Rebundled to remove OS X extended attributes that were causing
tests to fail.
0.22 2008/06/25
- fixed a bug where authors were being added
more than once to 01mailrc.txt.gz
0.21 2008/06/25
- changes for RT bug 17386 by: David Bartle
0.20 2008/06/25
- added a command line option '--all-in-meta' which will
parse the META.yml and index every module listed in the
'provides' section
- module name and version is now parsed correctly from the
filename if relative or absolute paths are specified
- changes for RT bug 37093 by: David Bartle
0.18.1 2008/06/25
- Fixed bug number 28363
0.18 2005/04/02
- Fixed bug number 11718 involving the Line-Count in
02packages.details.txt.gz not being updated.
- Added tests for update_mirror method.
- Migrated tests to HTTP::Server::Simple.
0.16 2005/01/08
- Decreased the size of t/read/authors/01mailrc.txt.gz reducing
greatly the size of the package.
- More problems discovered with exception testing. Moved all
exception tests to a single zz.exceptions.t, skip them all
if Test::Exception isn't installed.
0.14 2005/01/05
- Added an optional filename parameter to parsecfg. This allows
calling parsecfg without having to previously call loadcfg
(tests added as required).
- Updated Synopsis to not using method chaining, but documented
that it is possible.
- Updated prereq of CPAN::Mini to version 0.32
- Fixed a warning message if dirmode isn't configured during the
inject process.
- Fixed update_mirror to call CPAN::Mini->update_mirror directly
fixing a problem with CPAN::Mini::Inject and the latest version
of CPAN::Mini (0.32).
0.12 2005/01/04
- Tests failed for inject and add on Windows systems. These tests
have now been skipped.
- Reverted all tests to use eval{}. Using eval "" caused problems
on Windows, while eval{} only caused problems on one AIX box.
0.10 2004/12/30
- Fixed dirmode in inject(), add(), writelist(), so that all files
created are set with the correct permissions.
- Added tests for directory and file modes.
0.08 2004/12/08
- Tests were found to fail on AIX which contained eval{}, all
tests updated with eval "".
- Added a default value for dirmode in update_mirror based on
- Added a dirmode option to the config file.
- Fixed regex in mcpani to allow for developer version numbers
with add (ie. CPAN-Mini-Inject-0.07_001).
- Add a prereq for CPAN::Mini version 0.24. This version contains
a bugfix to properly handle dirmode. (Thanks RJBS).
0.06 2004/11/10
- mcpani now parses the file passed to it to determine module name
and version. Command line options override the parsing.
- loadcfg() croaks if no configuration file is found.
0.04 2004/11/05
- t/readlist.t and t/writelist.t both skip failure tests if
the uid is 0.
- inject accepts a true parameter to enable verbose mode which
lists modules as they are injected.
- testremote accepts a true parameter to enable verbose mode
which display the site being tested, and which is selected.
- Added --passive switch to mcpani to enable passive ftp
- Minor updates to perldoc in mcpani
- Added CPAN::Mini as a required module to Makefile.PL
0.02 2004/10/31
- First version, released on an unsuspecting world.