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#include <boost/scoped_ptr.hpp>
#include "controls.hpp"
#include "custom_object.hpp"
#include "key.hpp"
#include "player_info.hpp"
#include "variant.hpp"
class level;
class playable_custom_object : public custom_object
playable_custom_object(const custom_object& obj);
playable_custom_object(const playable_custom_object& obj);
playable_custom_object(variant node);
virtual variant write() const;
virtual player_info* is_human() { return &player_info_; }
virtual const player_info* is_human() const { return &player_info_; }
void save_game();
entity_ptr save_condition() const { return save_condition_; }
virtual entity_ptr backup() const;
virtual entity_ptr clone() const;
virtual int vertical_look() const { return vertical_look_; }
virtual bool is_active(const rect& screen_area) const;
bool can_interact() const { return can_interact_ != 0; }
int difficulty() const { return difficulty_; }
bool on_platform() const;
int walk_up_or_down_stairs() const;
virtual void process(level& lvl);
variant get_value(const std::string& key) const;
void set_value(const std::string& key, const variant& value);
player_info player_info_;
int difficulty_;
entity_ptr save_condition_;
int vertical_look_;
int underwater_ctrl_x_, underwater_ctrl_y_;
bool underwater_controls_;
int can_interact_;
bool reverse_ab_;
boost::scoped_ptr<controls::local_controls_lock> control_lock_;
void operator=(const playable_custom_object);
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