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#include "variant.hpp"
#include <string>
namespace sound {
struct manager {
void init_music(variant node);
bool ok();
bool muted();
void mute(bool flag);
void process();
//preload a sound effect in the cache.
void preload(const std::string& file);
//play a sound. 'object' is the object that is playing the sound. It can be
//used later in stop_sound to specify which object is stopping playing
//the sound.
void play(const std::string& file, const void* object=0, float volume=1.0);
//stop a sound. object refers to the object that started the sound, and is
//the same as the object in play().
void stop_sound(const std::string& file, const void* object=0);
//stop all looped sounds associated with an object; same object as in play()
//intended to be called in all object's destructors
void stop_looped_sounds(const void* object=0);
void change_volume(const void* object=0, int volume=-1);
//Ways to set the sound and music volumes from the user's perspective.
float get_sound_volume();
void set_sound_volume(float volume);
float get_music_volume();
void set_music_volume(float volume);
//Ways to set the music volume from the game engine's perspective.
void set_engine_music_volume(float volume);
float get_engine_music_volume();
// function to play a sound effect over and over in a loop. Will return
// a handle to the sound effect.
int play_looped(const std::string& file, const void* object=0, float volume=1.0);
void play_music(const std::string& file);
void play_music_interrupt(const std::string& file);
const std::string& current_music();
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