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#include <boost/array.hpp>
#include <boost/regex.hpp>
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "formula_callable.hpp"
#include "geometry.hpp"
#include "level_object.hpp"
#include "point_map.hpp"
#include "variant.hpp"
struct tile_pattern;
struct multi_tile_pattern;
namespace {
struct tile_pattern_cache;
class tile_map : public game_logic::formula_callable {
static void init(variant node);
static void load_all();
static void load(const std::string& fname, const std::string& tile_id);
static const std::vector<std::string>& get_files(const std::string& tile_id);
explicit tile_map(variant node);
tile_map(const tile_map& o);
variant write() const;
void build_tiles(std::vector<level_tile>* tiles, const rect* r=NULL) const;
bool set_tile(int xpos, int ypos, const std::string& str);
int zorder() const { return zorder_; }
int x_speed() const { return x_speed_; }
int y_speed() const { return y_speed_; }
void set_zorder(int z) { zorder_ = z; }
void set_speed(int x_speed, int y_speed) { x_speed_ = x_speed; y_speed_ = y_speed; }
const char* get_tile_from_pixel_pos(int xpos, int ypos) const;
const char* get_tile(int y, int x) const;
int get_variations(int x, int y) const;
void flip_variation(int x, int y, int delta=0);
#ifndef NO_EDITOR
//Functions for rebuilding all live tile maps when there is a change
//to tile map data. prepare_rebuild_all() should be called before
//the change, and rebuild_all() after.
static void prepare_rebuild_all();
static void rebuild_all();
void build_patterns();
const std::vector<const tile_pattern*>& get_patterns() const;
int variation(int x, int y) const;
const tile_pattern* get_matching_pattern(int x, int y, tile_pattern_cache& cache, bool* face_right) const;
variant get_value(const std::string& key) const { return variant(); }
int xpos_, ypos_;
int x_speed_, y_speed_;
int zorder_;
typedef boost::array<char, 4> tile_string;
//a map of all of our strings, which maps into pattern_index.
std::vector<std::vector<int> > map_;
//an entry which holds one of the strings found in this map, as well
//as the patterns it matches.
struct pattern_index_entry {
pattern_index_entry() { for(int n = 0; n != str.size(); ++n) { str[n] = 0; } }
tile_string str;
mutable std::vector<const boost::regex*> matching_patterns;
const pattern_index_entry& get_tile_entry(int y, int x) const;
std::vector<pattern_index_entry> pattern_index_;
int get_pattern_index_entry(const tile_string& str);
//the subset of all multi tile patterns which might be valid for this map.
std::vector<const multi_tile_pattern*> multi_patterns_;
typedef std::pair<point, int> point_zorder;
//function to apply the first found matching multi pattern.
//mapping represents all the tiles added in our zorder.
//different_zorder_mapping represents the mappings in different zorders
//to this tile_map.
void apply_matching_multi_pattern(int& x, int y,
const multi_tile_pattern& pattern,
point_map<level_object*>& mapping,
std::map<point_zorder, level_object*>& different_zorder_mapping) const;
//the subset of all global patterns which might be valid for this map.
std::vector<const tile_pattern*> patterns_;
//when we generate patterns_ we check the underlying vector's version.
//when it is updated it will get a new version and so we'll have to
//update our view into it.
int patterns_version_;
std::vector<std::vector<int> > variations_;
#ifndef NO_EDITOR
variant node_;
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