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#include <string>
#include <boost/intrusive_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/scoped_ptr.hpp>
#include "button.hpp"
#include "debug_console.hpp"
#include "geometry.hpp"
#include "key.hpp"
#include "level.hpp"
#include "pause_game_dialog.hpp"
#include "slider.hpp"
//an exception which is thrown if we go through a portal which takes us
//to a level with a different number of players, which indicates we are going
//into or out of multiplayer.
struct multiplayer_exception {
class editor;
struct editor_resolution_manager;
class level_runner {
static level_runner* get_current();
level_runner(boost::intrusive_ptr<level>& lvl, std::string& level_cfg, std::string& original_level_cfg);
bool play_level();
bool play_cycle();
void toggle_pause();
void toggle_history_trails();
void start_editor();
void close_editor();
void reverse_cycle();
void handle_pause_game_result(PAUSE_GAME_RESULT result);
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr<level> level_ptr;
level_ptr& lvl_;
std::string& level_cfg_;
std::string& original_level_cfg_;
bool quit_;
boost::intrusive_ptr<level> start_lvl_;
time_t current_second_;
int current_fps_, next_fps_, current_cycles_, next_cycles_, current_delay_, next_delay_,
current_draw_, next_draw_, current_process_, next_process_,
current_flip_, next_flip_, current_events_;
std::string profiling_summary_;
int nskip_draw_;
CKey key;
int cycle;
int die_at;
bool paused;
bool done;
int start_time_;
int pause_time_;
point last_stats_point_;
std::string last_stats_point_level_;
bool handle_mouse_events(const SDL_Event &event);
void video_resize_event(const SDL_Event &event);
void show_pause_title();
editor* editor_;
#ifndef NO_EDITOR
boost::scoped_ptr<editor_resolution_manager> editor_resolution_manager_;
gui::slider_ptr history_slider_;
gui::button_ptr history_button_;
std::vector<entity_ptr> history_trails_;
std::string history_trails_label_;
int history_trails_state_id_;
int object_reloads_state_id_;
int tile_rebuild_state_id_;
void init_history_slider();
void on_history_change(double value);
void update_history_trails();
boost::scoped_ptr<debug_console::console_dialog> console_;
class pause_scope
int ticks_;
bool active_;
void begin_skipping_game();
void end_skipping_game();
bool is_skipping_game();
void video_resize( SDL_Event &event );
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