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#include "tbs_game.hpp"
#include "variant.hpp"
#include <deque>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <boost/array.hpp>
#include <boost/asio.hpp>
namespace tbs {
typedef boost::shared_ptr<boost::asio::ip::tcp::socket> socket_ptr;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<boost::array<char, 1024> > buffer_ptr;
class server
explicit server(boost::asio::io_service& io_service);
void adopt_ajax_socket(socket_ptr socket, int session_id, const variant& msg);
struct game_info {
game_info(const variant& value);
game_ptr game_state;
std::vector<int> clients;
typedef boost::shared_ptr<game_info> game_info_ptr;
struct client_info {
std::string user;
game_info_ptr game;
int nplayer;
int last_contact;
int session_id;
std::deque<std::string> msg_queue;
void handle_message_internal(socket_ptr socket, client_info& cli_info, const variant& msg);
void close_ajax(socket_ptr socket, client_info& cli_info);
void send_msg(socket_ptr socket, const variant& msg);
void send_msg(socket_ptr socket, const char* msg);
void send_msg(socket_ptr socket, const std::string& msg);
void handle_send(socket_ptr socket, const boost::system::error_code& e, size_t nbytes, boost::shared_ptr<std::string> buf);
void disconnect(socket_ptr socket);
void heartbeat();
boost::asio::deadline_timer timer_;
void quit_games(int session_id);
void flush_game_messages(game_info& info);
struct socket_info {
std::vector<char> partial_message;
std::string nick;
int session_id;
void queue_msg(int session_id, const std::string& msg);
variant create_lobby_msg() const;
variant create_game_info_msg(game_info_ptr g) const;
std::map<socket_ptr, std::string> waiting_connections_;
std::map<socket_ptr, socket_info> connections_;
std::map<int, client_info> clients_;
std::vector<game_info_ptr> games_;
//sockets waiting on status info.
std::vector<socket_ptr> status_sockets_;
int nheartbeat_;
int scheduled_write_;
void schedule_write();
void status_change();
int status_id_;
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