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#pragma once
#include <vector>
#include "base64.hpp"
#include "formula_callable.hpp"
#include "variant.hpp"
namespace zip {
struct CompressionException {
const char* msg;
std::vector<char> compress(const std::vector<char>& data, int compression_level=-1);
std::vector<char> decompress(const std::vector<char>& data);
std::vector<char> decompress_known_size(const std::vector<char>& data, int size);
class compressed_data : public game_logic::formula_callable {
std::vector<char> data_;
compressed_data(const std::vector<char>& in_data, int compression_level) {
data_ = compress(in_data, compression_level);
variant get_value(const std::string& key) const {
if(key == "encode") {
std::vector<char> v = base64::b64encode(data_);
return variant(std::string(v.begin(), v.end()));
} else if(key == "decompress") {
std::vector<char> v = decompress(data_);
return variant(std::string(v.begin(), v.end()));
return variant();
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr<zip::compressed_data> compressed_data_ptr;
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