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#pragma once
#ifndef NO_EDITOR
#include <boost/function.hpp>
#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include "geometry.hpp"
#include "widget.hpp"
namespace gui
typedef boost::shared_ptr<SDL_Cursor> cursor_ptr;
class drag_widget : public widget
enum drag_direction {DRAG_HORIZONTAL, DRAG_VERTICAL};
explicit drag_widget(const int x, const int y, const int w, const int h,
const drag_direction dir,
boost::function<void(int, int)> drag_start,
boost::function<void(int, int)> drag_end,
boost::function<void(int, int)> drag_move);
explicit drag_widget(const variant&, game_logic::formula_callable* e);
void init();
void handle_draw() const;
bool handle_event(const SDL_Event& event, bool claimed);
bool handle_mousedown(const SDL_MouseButtonEvent& event, bool claimed);
bool handle_mouseup(const SDL_MouseButtonEvent& event, bool claimed);
bool handle_mousemotion(const SDL_MouseMotionEvent& event, bool claimed);
rect get_border_rect() const;
rect get_dragger_rect() const;
int x_, y_, w_, h_;
boost::function<void(int, int)> drag_start_;
boost::function<void(int, int)> drag_end_;
boost::function<void(int, int)> drag_move_;
// delegates
void drag(int dx, int dy);
void drag_start(int x, int y);
void drag_end(int x, int y);
// FFL formulas
game_logic::formula_ptr drag_handler_;
game_logic::formula_ptr drag_start_handler_;
game_logic::formula_ptr drag_end_handler_;
widget_ptr dragger_;
drag_direction dir_;
SDL_Cursor *old_cursor_;
cursor_ptr drag_cursor_;
point start_pos_;
int dragging_handle_;
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr<drag_widget> drag_widget_ptr;
#endif // NO_EDITOR
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