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#include <string>
#include "achievements.hpp"
#include "formula_callable.hpp"
namespace graphics {
class color;
class color_transform;
class entity;
class rect;
class level;
struct screen_position {
screen_position() : init(false), x(0), y(0), focus_x(0), focus_y(0),
flip_rotate(0), coins(-1),
shake_x_offset(0),shake_y_offset(0),shake_x_vel(0),shake_y_vel(0), zoom(1)
bool init;
int x, y;
int focus_x, focus_y;
int shake_x_offset,shake_y_offset;
int shake_x_vel,shake_y_vel;
int flip_rotate;
int coins;
float zoom;
//Measures the current draw position in centi-pixels.
screen_position& last_draw_position();
struct disable_flashes_scope {
void screen_color_flash(const graphics::color_transform& color, const graphics::color_transform& color_delta, int duration);
void set_scene_title(const std::string& msg, int duration=150);
void set_displayed_achievement(achievement_ptr a);
bool is_achievement_displayed();
bool update_camera_position(const level& lvl, screen_position& pos, const entity* focus=NULL, bool do_draw=true);
void render_scene(const level& lvl, screen_position& pos, const entity* focus=NULL, bool do_draw=true);
//draw_scene calls both update_camera_position() and then render_scene()
void draw_scene(const level& lvl, screen_position& pos, const entity* focus=NULL, bool do_draw=true);
struct performance_data : public game_logic::formula_callable {
int fps;
int cycles_per_second;
int delay;
int draw;
int process;
int flip;
int cycle;
int nevents;
std::string profiling_info;
performance_data(int fps_, int cycles_per_second_, int delay_, int draw_, int process_, int flip_, int cycle_, int nevents_, const std::string& profiling_info_)
: fps(fps_), cycles_per_second(cycles_per_second_), delay(delay_),
draw(draw_), process(process_), flip(flip_), cycle(cycle_),
nevents(nevents_), profiling_info(profiling_info_)
variant get_value(const std::string& key) const;
void get_inputs(std::vector<game_logic::formula_input>* inputs) const;
static void set_current(const performance_data& d);
static performance_data* current();
void draw_fps(const level& lvl, const performance_data& data);
void add_debug_rect(const rect& r);
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