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Frogatto's files are separated into two licenses; with the exception of a few specific directories, everything is licensed under the CC-BY 3.0 LICENSE ( ).
The following directories are exempt from this, and all of their contents are copyrighted to the frogatto team.
- data/levels, which contains all of our level files
- images/characters, which contains all of our main-character art
- images/tiles, which contains our tile art
- sounds, which contains our sound effects
- music, which contains our background music
Any format-conversions of our audio files, such as the files in music_aac and sounds_wav, are also copyrighted.
Frogatto’s story, and all visual designs of characters (in any representation) and names of characters within the game are copyrighted.
The source code to the game -- limited to the C++ source code files found in the "src" directory of the Anura engine -- is also available for license under the Zlib license. See the LICENSE file in that directory for the details of the license.
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